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Independence adaptions and modifications

Independence adaptions and modifications for those less able

We believe Technology and its implementation only serves to improve our lives and this has never truer than within an environment where an individuals independence has been reduced or lost to a certain extent.
Using smart technologies and integrating them into everyday systems we can improve the lives of those affected by illness or injury and try to bring some of the lost independence back into their lives.

Our ability to tailor services around each individual client enables us to produce a bespoke and specialist solution which fits perfectly into that vision.

All too often those most affected by rising utility costs are those most vulnerable in our society, using proven smart technologies and basing energy usage upon occupation rather than whole house heating and lighting we can ensure that consumption is kept to a minimum while guaranteeing comfort and safety for our clients on a reasonable budget.

Our services include:

  • Automated environmental controls
  • Automated lighting Controls
  • Automated access control and security devices
  • Monitored environments
  • Custom made bespoke Graphical user control interfaces
  • Emergency call systems
  • Lift & hoist systems
  • Maintenance services