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Fire alarms, emergency lighting & safety services

Fire alarm Installation, Testing & Inspection

Fire alarm inspection and testing and detection system test and inspection involves a series of visual checks being carried out on the components of the system to ensure their integrity. This will include cables, containment, panels, detectors and sounders. Whilst this type of work is completely non-evasive, it will also be necessary for the inspecting engineer to carry out a fire alarm drill which involves triggering the alarm system via a detector or break-glass unit.

Upon completion of fire detection and alarm system testing you should receive a report that details the following:

  • Installation details and characteristics
  • Circuit information and test results
  • Schedule of items tested and inspected
  • A list of defects or deviations from the British Standard (these will require attention)

Emergency lighting Installation, testing & Inspection

Emergency lighting is a Safety System provided to assist occupants to evacuate in case of an emergency and, if necessary, to prevent certain tasks, such as a controlled shutdown to be performed in safety.In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Fire Precautions Workplace 1997 the person responsible for the up keep of the installation is expected legally to ensure that the system installed is in full working order, conforms to and is tested to BS5266 pt 1.It is with this in mind that inspections of your systems are required to make sure that all emergency lights within your property are working correctly.

As with all testing carried out by Cablegold only qualified and trained operatives carry out assessments. Full drain downs of your lighting batteries are performed every 12 months, fittings are either drained down for 3 hours or 1 hour, depending on the rating of the fittings installed. In addition to fully draining down emergency lighting, batteries within fittings are checked, if found to be older than five years these batteries are recommended to be changed. Lamps are checked, charging units are checked and operational effectiveness is assessed. All observations, recommendations and failures are documented within the certificate provided as part of the service.

On completion of the testing you will receive:

  • A Certificate outlining observations & recommendations, items inspected & tested.
  • An Emergency Lighting Log Book to record all subsequent tests.