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About us

So, how do we go about our business…?

Our project successes are delivered on a structured eight step business activity process as follows;

  • Consultancy
    Open, direct and informative first and continued contact, adhering to the specific needs and desires of each and every client. Acknowledgement and acceptance of the design and our capabilities to deliver the required scope of works.
  • Survey
    Robust site inspection, photographs, measurement and formulation of the fundamentals, logistics and conditions involved in the works.
  • Quotation
    Comprehensive, diligent and presentable pricing displays to enable open book and understandable costings in reflection of the design and schedule of works.
  • Approvals
    Flexible and collaborative tender stage cost dialogue and price engineering to progress and serve the project budget, contingencies and restraints.
  • Instruction
    Compliance and obligation to received works orders, sub and main contracts and their specific important content. Accurate and efficient purchasing, delivery and security of project stock, materials, products and plant requirements.
  • Planning
    Co-ordinated and methodical resource management and application of supply chains, labour, plant and services to deliver on time and in sequence with given and approved programmes of works. Adopting concurrent contractual legislation and documentation continuing awareness, conduction and paperwork distribution.
  • Installation
    Steadfast, collaborative and quality site operations and installs in strict accordance with design and specification. Working to IEE, legislative guidelines, compliance with building regulations to ensure quality workmanship applied in a safe, considerate and effective manner.
  • Completion
    Thorough double checking and cross checking of final fixed installations and inherent systems. Facilitation of required client/customer briefing and handover consultation, hard copy production and submission of Certificates, Operation and Maintenance Manuals and As Built drawings. Accurate, presentable and timely final account/final bill costing and submission and appraisal.